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as of 9/29/2020

Country - Partner Institution - Programs: Japan - International Christian University - 'International Christian Univ.', 'International Christian Univ. with Internship'
UC Course SubjectHistory
Number & Suffix: 30
Transcript Title: HISTORY OF YOKOHAMA 
UC QTR Units - Division: 4.0 - Lower Division 
Course Description: The topic for this course will be the history of Yokohama. How did Japan become a modern country? Historians have answered this question in many ways, and while their explanations are always different they usually address similar themes. For example, historians usually explain that Japan was isolated during the early modern period, and its isolation ended in the 1850s. But while Commodore Matthew Perry is famous for leading a naval expedition to "open" Japan to the countries of the West, his expedition did not actually end Japan’s isolation. That only happened after the port of Yokohama was opened to international trade a few years later. In this case, and many others, the important events and themes of modern Japanese history look a little different when viewed from the perspective of Yokohama. This course uses the history of Yokohama as a way of exploring how the history of a city and the history of a nation can be so different. The course is divided into four sections: Launching a new city (1859-1868), making Yokohama modern (1868-1889), making Yokohama Japanese (1889-1931), and Yokohama at war and peace (1931-1958). 
Language of Instruction: English
Partner Title: S1: HISTORY 
Partner University Department: General Education 
Partner University Course Number: GES032E