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as of 7/2/2022

Country - Partner Institution - Programs: Italy - University of Bologna - 'Univ. of Bologna'
UC Course SubjectBiological Sciences
Environmental Studies
Number & Suffix: 178
Transcript Title: LAB PLANT CONSERVTN 
UC QTR Units - Division: 5.0 - Upper Division 
Course Description: This is a graduate level course that is part of the Laurea Magistrale program. The course is intended for advanced level students only. Enrollment is by consent of the instructor. The course is a year-long course. The aim of the course is to provide students with a general overview of the policies, programs, and conservation strategies of plant biodiversity, specifically of rare and endangered plants, and to give competences in plant conservation biology, from a species-based approach and in a global change scenario. At the end of the course the student gains a thorough understanding of the priorities and methods used in plant conservation. In particular, the student is able to carry out demographic surveys in the field and acquire information on plant intraspecific diversity; identify threat factors for the survival of wild plant populations; set up appropriate management /concrete intervention actions. Topics covered: distribution of global diversity, major threat factors; policies and strategies for the conservation of plant diversity (global strategy for plant conservation, objectives and progresses; EU and national strategies); spermatophytes' life cycle, critical bottlenecks identification and assessment; reproductive biology of flowering plants; plant pollination and plant-pollinator interactions; dissemination; intraspecific variability; plant rarity, population fragmentation, and isolation; demographic analysis of wild plant populations; threats in a global change scenario, risk assessment, and conservation priorities; IUCN categories and criteria; in-situ conservation: examples and visits to project sites (in Emilia-Romagna); ex-situ conservation: theory and practice; setting up an experimental research protocol aimed at collecting data for the writing of a scientific article; educational field trips and specific practical workshops and surveys in the field are included. 
Language of Instruction: English
Partner University Department: Scienze e gestione della natura 
Partner University Course Number: 88338