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as of 12/15/2018

Country - Partner Institution - Programs: Italy - UC Center, Florence - 'Language & Culture, UC Center Florence (Quarter)', 'Pre-ILP UC Center Florence'
UC Course SubjectItalian
Number & Suffix: 16
Transcript Title: INTERMEDIATE ITAL 
UC QTR Units - Division: 5.0 - Lower Division 
Course Description: This course is an in-depth Italian composition and conversation class for students who have had several quarters of formal Italian language study. The students develop a specialized language dealing with everyday situations as well as a familiarity with some geo-synonyms and common expressions of dialect. In their written productions students develop a knowledge and mastery of all types of texts, with writing suitable to the style of literature adopted. They express themselves in long discourses with natural fluidity and execute clear and cohesive discussions. The students develop skills to comprehend the discourse of native speakers, even when discussing abstract and complex topics. The students understand practically all that they listen to or read, express themselves with precision, and can render the undertones of meanings in complex situations. The verb tenses studied include a review of the previous levels; impersonal forms; casual constructions ('fare' + infinitive, etc.); 'lasciare' + infinitive and the impersonal and the passive 'si.' Other grammatical elements include further study of the position of the various constituents of phrases and the nominal system. 
Language of Instruction: Italian
Partner Title:  
Partner University Department: ACCENT 
Partner University Course Number: