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as of 11/12/2018

Country - Partner Institution - Programs: China - Peking University, Beijing - 'Peking Univ.'
UC Course SubjectBusiness Administration
Number & Suffix: 136
Transcript Title: BUSINESS ETHICS 
UC QTR Units - Division: 3.0 - Upper Division 
Course Description: In China’s current market and economy, corporate ethical issues and influences are attracting more attention from the public. From China’s domestic corporations and economic development point of view, corporate and business ethics are becoming an important factor in societal and economic development. The study of corporate ethics involves logical and reasonable business decisions, internal management's moral behavior, coordination among the interest groups that emerge between a business and its competitors, corporate management activities, societal development, and the environmental. These issues determine not only the competitiveness among businesses, but also their sustainability. This course covers the fundamental theories behind corporate ethics, help students to further understand the current Chinese market economy behavior. Students gain an understanding of economic development's influences on Chinese society from multiple ethical perspectives. Text: QIYE LUNLIXUE GAILUN (Introduction to Corporate Ethics), Chen Bingfu and Zhou Zucheng. Assessment: participation (10%), group project and presentation (30%), final exam (60%). 
Language of Instruction: Chinese
Partner Title: QIYE LUNLI 
Partner University Department: Guanghua School of Management 
Partner University Course Number: 02834370