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as of 7/3/2020

Country - Partner Institution - Programs: Japan - Doshisha University - 'Language & Culture, Doshisha Univ.'
UC Course SubjectJapanese
Number & Suffix: 30 H
Transcript Title: UPPER ELEM JAPANESE 
UC QTR Units - Division: 1.5 - Lower Division 
Course Description: This upper-beginning Japanese language course improves basic Japanese language skills to prepare for intermediate-level Japanese language courses. As a comprehensive Japanese language course, speaking, writing, reading comprehension, and listening skills are emphasized. The first two weeks include basic vocabulary and grammar review to develop, teach, and strengthen new vocabulary and sentence patterns. If time allows, intermediate-level Japanese speaking, writing, reading comprehension, and listening skills are introduced. By the end of this course, approximately 2,000 vocabulary words, 500 kanji characters, and a variety of basic sentence patterns to express opinions and communicate with Japanese speakers in everyday life situations are presented. Texts: MINNA NI NIHONGO SHOKYUU I, MINNA NO NIHONGO SHOKYUU II, CHUUKYUU HE IKOU (if time allows). Assessment: class attendance, participation, homework assignments, short essays (30%), tests and quizzes (40%), and final exam (30%). 
Language of Instruction: Japanese
Partner Title: JAPANESE 1: GENERAL 1-10 II 
Partner University Department: Center For Japanese Language and Culture 
Partner University Course Number: N/A