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as of 7/13/2020

Country - Partner Institution - Programs: China - Peking University, Beijing - 'Peking Univ.', 'Language & Culture, Peking University'
UC Course SubjectChinese
Number & Suffix: 122
Transcript Title: TRANSLATN:ENGL-CHIN 
UC QTR Units - Division: 6.0 - Upper Division 
Course Description: This course concentrates on translating English into Chinese. Through translation practice, it systematically introduces translation skills, and the differences and similarities between English and Chinese through the translation of various sentence structures and patterns, phrases, passive and active voice in order to promote students' ability and accuracy in written Chinese expression. The course materials cover culture, communication, society, education, exercise, health, history, business, the environment, international relations, and entertainment. The course also enables students to gain a more comprehensive understanding of Chinese culture and society. 
Language of Instruction: Chinese
Partner Title: YINGHAN FANYI 
Partner University Department: School of Chinese as a Second Language 
Partner University Course Number: