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as of 12/17/2018

Country - Partner Institution - Programs: China - Peking University, Beijing - 'Peking Univ.', 'Peking University with Internship'
UC Course SubjectPhysical Activities
Number & Suffix: 10
Transcript Title: BADMITTON 
UC QTR Units - Division: 0.5 - Lower Division 
Course Description: First, the course introduction 1. Badminton is a flexible, fast, and changeable barrier game. Easy to grasp the movement, equipment is simple, all ages, full of fun, by the students love. Badminton can participate in the development of students' sensitivity and coordination, is conducive to the improvement and improvement of cardiopulmonary function, students can cultivate tenacious struggle, calm and decisive will quality. This course is mainly taught badminton basic serve, batting, mobile technology, singles, doubles tactics, the basic rules. Badminton is taught in the hall. From the point of view of safety and physical education, students are required to wear badminton special sports shoes and sportswear, own racquets and badminton. In practice, according to the requirements of teachers to practice, the spirit to focus, to avoid the occurrence of injury accidents. 2. Safety Precautions Before exercise need to fully exercise the body of the joints, especially the wrist, ankle. When stealing, pay attention to safety, to avoid unnecessary accidents. Second, the curriculum tasks 1. Training students to exercise the habit of the body and tenacious will quality and "health first" ideology. 2. Health, enhance physical fitness, and comprehensively improve the students' physical and psychological quality. 3. Guide the students badminton entry, the initial master of the backhand hit the ball technology, serve the ball technology and net batting skills. 4. Learn about the basic tactics and badminton rules and referees of badminton. 
Language of Instruction: Chinese
Partner Title: BADMINTON 
Partner University Department: Physical Culture 
Partner University Course Number: 04130060