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as of 7/2/2022

Country - Partner Institution - Programs: Netherlands - Utrecht University - 'Utrecht Univ.'
UC Course SubjectGeography
Earth and Space Sciences
Number & Suffix: 100
Transcript Title: NATURAL HAZARDS 
UC QTR Units - Division: 6.0 - Upper Division 
Course Description: This course offers a study of natural hazards and disasters. A number of recent developments are examined including: ongoing climate change; the increasing connections between economies which may cause, for example, the next earthquake in Tokyo or California to have global repercussions; modern media showing the tsunami in Thailand real-time into our homes; refugee flows; and climate conflicts. The course is divided into four distinct parts. The first part discusses Earth aspects of natural disasters, prediction, warning, and preparedness; the second part explores short and long term consequences such as damage, economic consequences, adaptation techniques, and insurance strategies; the third part considers social-emotional consequences of disasters and loss, society perspectives on natural hazards and integration into everyday life; and lastly the fourth part of the course reviews an integrated perspective on a recent natural disaster. The course consists of lectures, working groups, lab assignments, homework assignments, and literature study. Students actively participate in class activities and prepare for class meetings in advance. 
Language of Instruction: English
Partner University Department: Earth Sciences 
Partner University Course Number: GEO2-4211