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as of 9/23/2019

Country - Partner Institution - Programs: Australia - University of Melbourne - 'Australian Universities'
UC Course SubjectSpanish
Number & Suffix: 15 B
Full UC Title: SPANISH 2 
Transcript Title: SPANISH 2 
UC QTR Units - Division: 6.0 - Lower Division 
Course Description: This course equips students with more sophisticated language and intercultural skills to be able to express and situate themselves within a wider socio-cultural context in Spanish. Writing strategies, such as editing, summarizing ideas, and making writing persuasive prepare students to produce a number of texts in the past tense and focused on describing personal experience. Students also learn to converse about the self in a variety of situations that become increasingly less personal and more related to the world around them. Important cultural information about consumer culture, intimate relationships, and working life in the Hispanic world supports students in communicating appropriately in this context. Students engage with authentic materials such as songs, film, social media, and short written texts as part of group project work designed both to develop an appreciation of the wide range of identities that make up the Hispanic world and to further develop their reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills. Students exposed to the diversity of the Hispanic world in this course and critically reflect on their own awareness and understanding of the cultural identities of the Hispanic world. 
Language of Instruction: Spanish
Partner Title: SPANISH 2 
Partner University Department: Spanish 
Partner University Course Number: SPAN10002