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as of 9/19/2019

Country - Partner Institution - Programs: Australia - University of Sydney - 'Australian Universities'
UC Course SubjectPolitical Science
Number & Suffix: 10
Transcript Title: GEOPOLITICS 
UC QTR Units - Division: 6.0 - Lower Division 
Course Description: This course examines how the contemporary international political order has emerged by focusing upon the interplay of diplomatic and strategic issues in the post-war world. It begins with an analysis of the Cold War and its origins, tracing the development of Soviet-American rivalry, its manifestations in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America, and the different ways in which that rivalry was played out. The collapse of the Soviet Union as both a superpower and a state and the disappearance of the communist bloc is analyzed before surveying the post-Cold War international scene. This course covers U.S. hegemony, unilateralism vs. multilateralism, nuclear proliferation, the continuing tension between the first and the third worlds, questions of civilizational conflict, non-state actors and terrorism, democratization, and regional conflict. 
Language of Instruction: English
Partner Title: GEOPOLITICS 
Partner University Department: Government and International Relations 
Partner University Course Number: GOVT1105