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as of 9/29/2020

Country - Partner Institution - Programs: Japan - International Christian University - 'International Christian Univ.', 'International Christian Univ. with Internship'
UC Course SubjectEconomics
Number & Suffix: 140
Transcript Title: JAPANESE ECONOMY 
UC QTR Units - Division: 4.0 - Upper Division 
Course Description: This course provides basic facts about the the Japanese macroeconomic developments and economic policies as well as the basic economic theories required to analyze these facts. The course begins with a review of basic concepts such as GDP, business cycle, economic growth, inflation/deflation, as well as fiscal, monetary, and structural policies. The course then offers an overview of the economic history of the postwar period looking at the special features of the Japanese economy, as seen from the business cycle and economic growth aspects; problems that economic policies at that time tried to address, and whether they were successful in dealing with the problems. The course then examines the future of the Japanese economy with a focus on outdatedness of the current Japanese economic system, and negative impact of the aging and declining population looking at backgrounds and the basic direction of policy responses to address the problems will be discussed. Finally, specific areas of the Japanese economy are taken up in turn, and their current state as well as the main issues they face are analyzed. Assessment: Class participation (15%), assignments given in class (25%), and final exam (60%). 
Language of Instruction: English
Partner University Department: Economics 
Partner University Course Number: ECO362E