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as of 7/2/2022

Country - Partner Institution - Programs: Italy - University of Bologna - 'Univ. of Bologna'
UC Course SubjectAnthropology
Number & Suffix: 188
Transcript Title: HISTORICAL ANTH 
UC QTR Units - Division: 6.0 - Upper Division 
Course Description: This is a graduate level course that is part of the Laurea Magistrale program in Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology. Enrollment is by consent of the instructor. The course is intended for students who have a strong background in the theory of anthropology. The course focuses on the history and the core themes of the scientific debate concerning historical anthropology and ethnohistory, underscoring the importance of a diachronic dimension in anthropological thinking. The course centers on basic knowledge of methods and theory of historical anthropology and prepares students for anthropological readings of various types of historical sources. The topic for the Spring 2018 semester is: writing, history, and memory in Mesoamerica The first part of the course is devoted to the discussion of the debates concerning the theoretical and methodological statutes of historical anthropology, especially those that have tackled the topic of non-Western historicity’s and their relationships with various memory-recording modes. The lectures then focus on the pre-colonial Mesoamerican writing systems and the main indigenous historiographic genres, highlighting their forms as well as their political and ideological functions. Subsequently the course analyzes the main changes introduced by European colonization and its historiographic genres – Indigenous, Mestizos, and European – produced in early colonial times, with texts that have recorded the memory of the Conquest. In the final part of the course the topic of European perception of the indigenous past is analyzed and in particular with regard to its inclusion in the universal histories written during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Lectures include discussion of new findings and publications aimed at keeping students up to date regarding ongoing field research. Required reading includes INTRODUZIONE ALL'ANTROPOLOGIA STORICA by Pier Paolo Viazzo. Assessment is based on a final oral exam aimed at verifying the student's knowledge of the materials presented and discussed in lecture as well as those treated in the assigned texts. Students who elect to write a term paper on a topic approved by the instructor are awarded one extra unit for the course. Maximum units for the course is 6. 
Language of Instruction: Italian
Partner University Department: Antropologia culturale ed etnologia 
Partner University Course Number: 39426