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as of 9/23/2019

Country - Partner Institution - Programs: Australia - University of Melbourne - 'Australian Universities'
UC Course SubjectMathematics
Number & Suffix: 115
Transcript Title: GRAPH THEORY 
UC QTR Units - Division: 6.0 - Upper Division 
Course Description: This course introduces the modern field of graph theory. It emphasises the relationship between proving theorems in mathematics and the construction of algorithms to find the solutions of mathematical problems within the context of graph theory. The course provides material that supplements other areas of study such as operations research, computer science, and discrete mathematics. Students graph model networks of all types such as telecommunication, transport, computer, and social networks. They also model physical structures such as crystals and abstract structures within computer algorithms. 
Language of Instruction: English
Partner Title: GRAPH THEORY 
Partner University Department: Mathematics and Statistics 
Partner University Course Number: MAST30011