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as of 9/29/2020

Country - Partner Institution - Programs: Japan - International Christian University - 'International Christian Univ.', 'International Christian Univ. with Internship'
UC Course SubjectJapanese
Number & Suffix: 11
Transcript Title: JAPANESE I 
UC QTR Units - Division: 12.0 - Lower Division 
Course Description: This course provides basic skills for conversation, reading and writing, and the ability to use Japanese accurately and appropriately with increasing spontaneity in various situations and immediate circumstances. The course also provides an understanding of simple everyday conversation when spoken slowly and clearly, and communication skills in everyday situations provided the other person is prepared to help. The course outcomes include mastering hiragana and katakana, reading about 140 kanji and simple short texts and identifying main points, and writing about 80 kanji and short messages using appropriate style. Text: JAPANESE FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS: BASIC, vol 1 by International Christian University. Assessment: homework assignments (20%), quizzes (10%), lesson tests (25%), and a final exam (45%). 
Language of Instruction: Japanese
Partner Title: J1: JAPANESE 
Partner University Department: Japanese Language Program 
Partner University Course Number: JLP011J