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as of 7/2/2022

Country - Partner Institution - Programs: Italy - University of Bologna - 'Univ. of Bologna'
UC Course SubjectItalian
Comparative Literature
Number & Suffix: 180 A
Transcript Title: CHILDRENS LIT 
UC QTR Units - Division: 7.0 - Upper Division 
Course Description: The course focuses on the cultural context in which children's literature has historically been placed and how children's books have traditionally been analyzed, as separate from strictly commercial, educational, and literary products. The course places emphasis on the connections between literary, film, and visual texts that are directed towards children or have children as their principal focus. A special section of the course is dedicated to the main theories in the field of children's literature and the objective of conceiving educational and didactic projects that promote pleasure in reading. Topics covered in the course: the subject of children's books; children's classics and contemporary literary products; how to read deeper and in between the lines in order to discover and decipher the metaphors, topoi, archetypes, and symbols implicit in all literature and in particular in children's literature; how children’s books contain many important, philosophical and anthropological themes; how children's books are, at their best, a subversive literature, deeply critical of the grown-up world, usually characterized by patterns, behaviors and perspectives that are too rigid or too limited. The course uses children’s literature to help future teachers discover the inner, and often otherwise unexpressed, world of childhood, with its peculiar visions, desires, dreams, needs and ways of being in the world. Required reading includes LIBRI NELLA GIUNGLA. ORIENTARSI NELL'EDITORIA PER RAGAZZI by G. Grilli. Students must choose a specific, recurrent, or typical theme in children's literature and read at least 3 children’s novels centered on the theme plus at least 3 picture books for children centered on the same theme or a related theme. The course includes visual materials including images from the most important illustrated children's books and picture books, oral reproductions of the sounds linked to picture books and short stories, as well as movies concerning childhood. Assessment is based on an oral exam. Students are asked to discuss the most important themes in the assigned critical readings and to present a theme of choice based on at least 4 children's novels (classic and/or contemporary). 
Language of Instruction: Italian
Partner University Department: Scienze della formazione primaria 
Partner University Course Number: 06386