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as of 9/29/2020

Country - Partner Institution - Programs: Japan - International Christian University - 'International Christian Univ.', 'International Christian Univ. with Internship'
UC Course SubjectJapanese
Number & Suffix: 127
Transcript Title: SPECIAL JAPANESE II 
UC QTR Units - Division: 6.5 - Upper Division 
Course Description: This course expands kanji vocabulary and further develops reading, writing, and speaking abilities necessary for a university student in Japan. The course presents 600 new kanji characters in addition to the basic 500 characters previously studied, and incorporates those 1100 kanji into writing. Students read written texts from variety of genre and understand the author's argument. The course enables students to express their opinions on what they have read or heard accurately using their own words and appropriate expressions both in writing and speaking. They also learn to adjust their word choice and tone in accordance to different purposes and situations. Assessment: quizzes and assignments (50%), midterm exam (18%), and final exam (32%). 
Language of Instruction: Japanese
Partner Title: SPECIAL JAPANESE 2 
Partner University Department: Japanese Language Program 
Partner University Course Number: JLP082J