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as of 1/15/2021

Country - Partner Institution - Programs: Germany - Free University of Berlin - 'Free Univ. Berlin'
UC Course SubjectFilm and Media Studies
Number & Suffix: 102
Transcript Title: GOTHIC CINEMA 
UC QTR Units - Division: 4.5 - Upper Division 
Course Description: Beginning with George Méliès' supernatural subjects staged in carnival aesthetics and the first adaptation by DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE in 1908, elements of the Gothic novel have found their way into film. This novel by Robert Louis Stevenson is one of the defining classics of the genre. It prefers a spectacular aesthetic in which it deals with taboo topics such as madness, violence, sexual assault, incest, or other transgressions. As a form of unofficial historiography, it takes a look at the last 250 years and raises social, religious, and political questions. The gruesome romantic repertoire of figures, motifs, and aesthetics inspired a series of groundbreaking Universal Studios films in the 1930s, and historical adaptations of British Hammer Film Productions in the 1950s. Narratologically, the Gothic Novel has produced suspense, a now ubiquitous narrative strategy, the most famous use of which can be found in Alfred Hitchcock's films. Gothic pervades works by contemporary directors such as Guillermo del Toro, Jim Jarmusch, and Tim Burton, while at the same time culturally and geographically specific forms emerge and genre conventions are broken down. This seminar uses selected examples to introduce this genre of film, which has not yet been properly noticed in Germany. 
Language of Instruction: German
Partner Title: GOTHIC CINEMA 
Partner University Department: Theaterwissenschaft 
Partner University Course Number: 17616