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Marine Biology & Terrestrial Ecology, Univ. of Queensland
Type: Study Center Courses, Immersion Courses, Courses for Foreign Students
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Reminder: This is only a record of courses previously taken by UC students.
 CountryPartnerSubject AreaNumTranscript TitleUnitsP DepartmentP TitleP NumberType
AUSTRALIAUniversity of QueenslandBiological Sciences (BIOL)106 HUMAN & TERRESTRIAL8.0EcologySCC
AUSTRALIAUniversity of QueenslandBiological Sciences (BIOL)160 MARINE BIOLOGY13.0MARINE SCIENCESCC

Type: SCC - Study Center Courses;    IMR - Immersion Courses;    SS - Special Studies Courses;    CFS - Courses for Foreign Students;    

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