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as of 10/18/2018

Country - Partner Institution - Programs: Spain - UC Center, Madrid - 'Language & Culture, UC Center Madrid'
UC Course SubjectSpanish
Number & Suffix: 33
Transcript Title: INTENSIVE ELEM SPAN 
UC QTR Units - Division: 10.0 - Lower Division 
Course Description: This course continues the study of Spanish grammar and further develops the four language skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing while offering greater familiarity with the culture of Spain and Spanish America. The course is designed to offer materials equivalent to the second semester or second and third quarters of Spanish instruction at UC. The objectives of the course include the communication of simple, personal experiences from the past and present; the expression of needs, desires, opinions, and conjecture; the comprehension of the principal idea from simple written passages; the ability to write brief texts and messages referring to personal characteristics and surroundings. Assessment for the course is based on daily workbook exercises, weekly quizzes and compositions, a mid-term exam, and a final exam with both oral and written components. 
Language of Instruction: Spanish
Partner Title:  
Partner University Department: ACCENT 
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